Five facts for seven figures.

Mission Million dollars

Earning money is important, and saving that money is more important. The more you save the more you become rich. Earning May not make you rich, saving makes you rich. 

So here are five facts.

Very bitterly truth, but important, points to make you richer, because in these five points, you will be saving. 

There are some basic reminder which you have  known but not heeded tell you how to save money. 

Number one:

 Spending less is shaving more. So, do not expend in unnecessary things. Forget about spare utensils, electronics, exercise equipment, pair of clothes that you may not use.

Number two:

 Do not brag superfluous possession, just shave cash.  Investment in buying a fancy car, investing in a degrading products like electronics or investing in a property that by the day goes down are detrimental for saving and hoarding your asset.  So, do not invest in showy toys. Source: Pixabay

Number three: Not debt. Pay your loan. Do not keep debt. Just pay, and make yourself free. Freedom make you more energized just like your mobile memory. Staying free of debt makes you more energized on the one hand and piling up of penalties would not be there on the other hand. More earning,  more energizing, more idea generating space in your brain so that you can think more, less pressure, more thoughtfulness and you can earn more, you can think more, you can be more, you can learn more. So, not debt, just pay and stay free and earn. Source: Pixabay

Number four: 

 Learn to invest in field you’re interested in, you may be interested in gold, you may be interested in stock. You will be interested in some kind of long term investments, you will be interested in land, or real estate, you will be interested in some more things which are, you know, giving you some kind of energy or you are interested in fixed assets. But, do not delay. Do it start seeing change, start seeing your cash hatching more cash. 

Number five:

 Learn to, or act learning before things get delayed. So, there are certain things you have to do before other people do because there are certain areas where the land price goes up with time. So you have to be careful enough understanding what kind of land is that what kind of property is that what kind of, you know, asset is that so that you will improve on so that you can multiply your investing ideas/options and multiply your investment so do it before some other people do it. To be richer or having more money, asset and possession is also competitive just like a marathon race. Source: Pixabay

Happy saving. See you soon with a millionaire  tag. One million dollar means a lot for many. 

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